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The Constitution of Dyfed Diners


To facilitate for a group of 'like-minded' people to meet for a meal on a regular basis in an atmosphere of  tolerance and goodwill.

Dyfed Diners will be non-profitmaking.


A secretary will provide an information pack to prospective members.  An invitation will be issued prior to each meeting giving details of venue, parking arrangments, times, etc.

The mailing list will be confidential; no names, addresses or telephone numbers will be disclosed.


A membership fee of 10.00 per person per annum, 13.00 for a couple living at the same address, will be levied to cover the cost of postage, stationary, copying, etc.

Prospective members may attend one function as a guest, either of an existing member, or of the secretary, without payment of the membership fee.

Before the prospective member's second visit, he or she will be posted a simple membership form to complete and sign.  This, together with the fee, is then returned to the secretary.  The numbered membership card will be posted to the member.

Membership is for twelve months from the date of joining.

Membership may be withdrawn on account of behaviour giving rise to complaints by members or our hosts.


Any establishment which serves an eveing meal.  Food, wine, etc must be of good quality and offer good value for money.  A comfortable and relaxed atmosphere is essential, and smart casual dress must be acceptable.

Arrangements will be made to 'bill' each member separately, based on their membership number, visible on their membership card, which can be positioned at each place setting if necessary.

The group is based in Tenby, but all suggested venues within Pembrokeshire, Ceredigion or Carmarthenshire will be considered.

The menu will be the choice of the individual wherever possible, and vegetarian food must be available.

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