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Dates and Venues, 2023

This page was last updated on 29th May 2023 at 8:15 p.m.

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2023Saturday SocialDinnerSunday Lunch
January8thRobeston Sunday lunchTues 17thCarmarthen29thTrefloyne
February5thReynalton Sunday lunchWed 15thNarberth26thStackpole
March5thTrefloyne Sunday lunchThurs 16thSaundersfoot26thReynalton
April1stSt.ClearsTues 18thBegelly30thAmroth
May7thRobeston Sunday lunchWed 17thCarew28thTrefloyne
June4thReynalton Sunday lunchThurs 15thNarberth25thPontargothi
July1stAmrothTuesday 11thTenby30thTrefloyne
August5thRobeston WathenWed 16thPentlepoir27thReynalton
September2ndSt.ClearsThurs 14thJameston24thStackpole
October7thAmrothTues 17thBegelly29thTrefloyne
November5thReynalton Sunday lunchWed 15thNarberth26thRobeston Wathen
December3rdTrefloyne Sunday lunchThurs 14thClunderwen31stAmroth

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